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Focused on the needs of synthetic chemists, it allows you to keep all the information relevant to your chemistry work in an easy-to-search-and-share digital format.

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Mbook is designed to replace paper notebooks, allowing researchers to continue to store the information relevant to their projects, reactions and experiments but in a digitized format which makes it immediately searchable and shareable. It supports the critical elements needed to effectively report chemistry:

  • Reaction schemes
  • Your reaction’s stoichiometry
  • Experiment write-up describing the detail and design strategy of your experiment
  • Experiment conditions (temperature, pH, etc.)
  • Analytical data (NMR, MS, etc.) for reactants, solvents and products
  • MSDS datasheets for all experiment participants
  • Literature references and other relevant documents
  • Image files (product appearance, TLC, etc.)
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